We invite you to put our services to action in the structural design of your next solar project. We will utilize our years of solar experience to help you lower your risk and installation costs. As solar mounting specialists we have designed many different types of PV and solar thermal mounting systems, including ballasted and mechanically attached, ground and roof mounted systems.

SML has designed structural supports for PV and solar thermal installations on new and existing residential, commercial and municipal buildings. Also, SML has been retained by manufacturers to develop and analyze racking systems and support rails for mass production.

We have experience designing:
  • Roof mounted systems with both flush & tilt designs
  • Ground mounted systems with single & multiple pole designs
  • Ballasted systems for both roof & ground mounted systems
  • Parking canopy structures with solar PV arrays mounted on top
  • Experience preparing certifications of solar racking systems to meet local building code requirements
SML past projects include:
  • Avnet Solar Arrays, this project currently totals 2.9MW distributed over three Avnet sites in Phoenix, AZ with another 1 MW array in the design phase.  SML analyzed the rooftop PV mounting systems and prepared designs for the parking canopy structures and solar attachments at each location.
  • Stanford University, this project currently totals out at 1.58MW of rooftop solar at Stanford University.  SML analyzed the InorRidge racking solution and provided structural design calculations and attachment drawings for the roof mounted array on multiple roof types.
  • Maricopa County Detention Facilities, billed as largest county conservation project in the nation, including the installation of 972 solar thermal collectors at seven locations. SML analyzed the roof mounted racking system as well as performed the county required special structural inspections.
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Starling Madison Lofquist Inc. is a structural and forensic engineering firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been providing structural engineering services to the southwest United States for nearly 40 years.